On 29 July 2023, BSG volunteers organized a workshop for women from economically impoverished section of society, supported by Pedal On, and trained them on importance of gender equality.

The participants were shown a short film made by NCERT, depicting the daily routine of a family. In this, the observation of a girl child on father and mother’s inputs in household activities was highlight and her ability to question. Pedal On participants could relate to this film and it led to a value creating discussion. Focusing on the fact that no one gender is superior to the other, the participants were empowered to bring out their own understanding of it.

Next was a myth-busting activity, in which, gender neutral statements were shared, and the participants were asked to relate it to a gender. The session brought of a great deal of gender stereotypes in the minds of these participants. This session also led to a healthy and empowering discussion.

Unlearning and relearning about few profoundly serious issues like school dropout rate of a girl child, lack of reproductive rights in women, financial instability among women and non-acceptance of men in the role of caretakers of children at home while women go out to work also took place.

As an extension of this activity, two poem videos (of renowned social activist, late Ms Kamla Bhasin) were shown, which oriented the participants on how both girls and boys have a right to choose to live out of stereotypical images and we all should create a society, which should accept it.

BSG volunteers also invited action points for removing gender inequality in society, workplace, schools, and home.

Towards the end, some facts were shared regarding the gender discrimination, gender bias in society and how these participants can become the change makers in their areas of influence.

Success stories from the current world and from history were also shared by BSG volunteers to endorse the possibility to bring change.

All the participants felt encouraged and empowered to bring a change in their own way of thinking and bring in gender equality through their daily actions.