About Campaign

  • The ‘BSG 25-Tonne Plastic Campaign’ (25,000 kgs of plastic) is a part of the ongoing ‘Say NO to Plastic’ initiative.
  • This campaign was launched by BSG Chairperson Mr Vishesh Gupta on July 28, 2023, in the 15th ‘BSG for SDG’ meeting in Delhi.
  • This campaign aims to make a positive impact on our environment by addressing the issue of plastic pollution through urging the members of the community to adopt ‘Sustainable Human Behaviour’.
  • Through this campaign, we can safeguard our precious planet Earth from the detrimental impacts of plastic pollution by working together as a community. This effort is essential not only for our personal well-being but also to secure a healthier environment for generations to come.
  • This campaign includes five steps, also known as the SE-WA-DE-CO-RE steps:
    • a. SEgregating the plastic waste responsibly at home by BSG members (at least 1kg by each participant).
    • b. WAshing the plastic waste at home by BSG members (only in case any soiled plastic needs cleaning).
    • c. DEpositing plastic to the collection centre by BSG members.
    • d. COllecting clean plastic waste by recycling vans.
    • e. REcycling 25,000 kilograms of plastic waste at recycling centres.
  • To take part in this campaign, every BSG district in Delhi-NCR is encouraged to designate a District Plastic Coordinator (DPC).

Campaign Timelines

Overall Timeline: August 1 to October 9, 2023

Till 1st October – DPC will encourage all members of the district to segregate and collect plastic at their own home by regularly sending them WhatsApp flyers.

Latest by 20th September – DPC will enter the following data in the ‘BSG for SDG’ mobile app

  • The collection address from where all the plastic has to be collected by the recycling vans,
  • The total quantity of plastic that is going to be available at the collection centre from 2nd October onwards, and
  • The total number of participants from the district who are participating in the ‘BSG 25-Tonne Plastic Campaign’.

On 2nd October – DPC must ensure all the participants have deposited their plastic waste at the collection centre.

Between 3rd to 9th October – Based on district details entered in the app, BSG will notify the DPC about the date when the plastic will be collected from the collection centre.

About District Plastic Coordinator (DPC)

  • This DPC is the central point of contact for BSG Headquarters across all districts of Delhi-NCR for the smooth coordination of ‘BSG 25-Tonne Plastic Campaign’.
  • The DPC can be any BSG member (YL/SD/YD/MD/WD) of the district.
  • The DPC must ensure they have downloaded the ‘BSG for SDG’ mobile app on their phone and have created an account in the app as a BSG member.
  • The DPC will get a certificate from BSG for taking lead in fighting the menace of plastic pollution in society by encouraging others to segregate their plastic waste at home, coordinating for collection of plastic waste, and sending the plastic waste for recycling from their district.
  • The DPC who uploads the maximum quantity of plastic waste on the ‘BSG for SDG’ mobile app will lead their district to win the ‘Say NO to Plastic’ Championship Award!

Role of DPC

  • Providing a collection address
    • a. DPC will provide a collection address in the ‘BSG for SDG’ mobile app.
    • b. This could either be the DPC’s personal address or any suitable location within the district’s geography.
    • c. This address will serve as the point of collection for the recycling van. The plastic will be deposited by all participants at this address on October 2, 2023.
  • Adding details in the ‘BSG for SDG’ mobile app:
    • a. On 2nd October, once all the plastic has been collected at the collection address, DPC will add following details in the ‘BSG for SDG’ mobile app:
      • i. Total weight of the plastic that has been collected (in kg).
      • ii. Total number of individuals who have contributed to the ‘BSG 25-Tonne Plastic Campaign’ (can include count of individuals from society too).
      • iii. Pics / Videos of the plastic collected at the collection address.
  • Coordinating with BSG Headquarters:
    • a. BSG Headquarters will plan the route map of the recycling van to the collection centers between October 3 to October 9, 2023, based on the information provided by DPC in the ‘BSG for SDG’ mobile app.
  • Update the app once the plastic has been collected:
    • a. On the day that the van comes for collection, DPC will ensure that:
      • i. The collection van weighs the plastic that is being handed over to them.
      • ii. Click pictures / record video and upload on the feed page of ‘BSG for SDG’ mobile app.
      • iii. Update the status of collection on the app from pending to collected.


The campaign is open to anyone willing to contribute. This includes both BSG members and non-members living in Delhi-NCR.
Segregation of plastic involves the process of separating plastic from any other waste items and storing this waste plastic separately to send it for recycling.
Any kind of plastic can be sent for recycling, excluding e-waste and glass materials. For example (including but not limited to):
  • Plastic beverage bottles
  • Plastic food containers
  • Plastic salad dressing bottles
  • Plastic milk jugs/packets (not tetra packs)
  • Plastic shampoo bottles/packets
  • Plastic lotion bottles
  • Plastic detergent containers/packets
  • Plastic masala, dal, sauce packets
  • Plastic biscuit and other confectionary wrappers
  • Plastic bags
  • Plastic food wraps
  • Plastic straws
  • Plastic cutlery: Single-use plastic forks, knives, spoon, cups etc
  • Plastic packaging of products
Washing is not a requirement for every type of plastic. Only plastics that are soiled, like shampoo/ conditioner/ moisturizer bottles/packets, sauces/ cooking oil/ lotion bottles/packets, and milk packets, need to be washed or cleaned.
Segregation of plastic at home will be till October 1, 2023. Deposting plastic at the collection center will be on October 2, 2023. Collection of plastic by recycling vans will be between October 3 to October 9, 2023.
Plastic should be collected in one’s own homes until October 1, 2023.
All plastic from one’s home can be deposited at the district’s designated collection address on October 2, 2023.
Based on the address and quantity of plastic entered by the DPC in the ‘BSG for SDG’ mobile app-latest by 20th September, the BSG Headquarters will plan the route map of the recycling vans to cover all districts within the same geography. This will also ensure optimum utilization of fuel. The date on which the van will arrive at each collection center will be informed by BSG Headquarters to the DPC at least 1 day prior to the collection.
No, access to the app’s data entry page will be provided exclusively to the DPC of each district.
Yes, identifying a DPC is essential as they will be responsible for overseeing plastic collection in the district, managing the app, and being the central point of contact for BSG Headquarters to ensure the smooth collection of the plastic by recycling vans.