All the activities undertaken by BSG are focused on supporting each single individual to bring out their inherent potential and empower them to lead happy, meaningful, value-creating, and victorious lives, based on a Buddhist ideology.

From the moment an individual becomes a member of BSG, they receive close support and nourishment from other Gakkai members, which makes them feel cherished and loved. Supporting each life one-on-one, working closely with each life is an integral aspect of the Soka Gakkai.

Based on this one-on-one support, members feel empowered, and they start taking positive action to provide further support and nourishment to many others, thereby creating a chain reaction of encouragement. This network of positivity helps each member to transform many deadlocked areas of their life and experience true happiness and victory.

A special focus is particularly laid on fostering and empowering the youth. More than 50% of BSG’s membership is youth, with an average age of 27. Consistent engagement-driven activities are conducted to support the young members, to help them believe in themselves, to help them bring out their infinite potential. For example: In various Gakkai meetings, youth take lead in presenting cultural performances, sharing concepts from the Soka life philosophy, guiding the meeting as master of ceremonies, and so on.


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