What is Soka Humanism

The phrase that best describes the philosophy upheld by Bharat Soka Gakkai and its members can be termed as “Soka humanism”. It is a philosophical perspective that is founded on faith in the inherent dignity of human beings and profound confidence in people’s capacity for positive transformation.

From the perspective of Soka humanism, it is human beings themselves, rather than a higher power, who possess the ultimate wisdom about their condition. This view regards the individual as the pivotal force of change within the interdependent network of phenomena that comprises life. A fundamental change in the life of an individual, in other words, will affect the entire web of life.

One of the distinguishing features of Soka humanism is this consciousness of and respect for the interdependence and interrelatedness of all life. While Soka humanism focuses on the human being, it does not polarize human beings and the environment or other forms of life. Rather it seeks to create human happiness through a harmonization of these interdependent relationships.

How do BSG Members uphold the Philosophy of Soka Humanism in Daily Life

Every day, BSG members focus on undergoing their “human revolution” (inner transformation) by basing themselves on the writings of one of the founding President of Soka Gakkai – Daisaku Ikeda, engaging in one-on-one dialogues of encouragement with each other, attending and participating in various Gakkai meetings held from time-to-time, and praying to bring forth their highest potential.

BSG members carry out their daily practice at home, but also meet regularly with other members in their communities in what is called as ‘Discussion Meetings’. Participants in these meetings share their experiences of undergoing their human revolution in the various challenging situations of life, hold interactions to solidify their understanding of the Soka philosophy, and participate in cultural activities to spread joy and hope to all those who attend.

What is Human Revolution

“Human revolution” describes a fundamental process of inner transformation in the depth of an individual’s life, whereby we break through the shackles of our “lesser self,” bound by self-concern and the ego, growing in altruism toward a “greater self” capable of caring and taking action for the sake of others—ultimately all humanity.