BSG believes that young students hold the power and passion to make a difference. When young students display their potential, they can create better organizations, societies and nations.

It is to tap this innate potential of the students that BSG has taken lead in creating SDG Clubs in different schools and colleges. The goal of these clubs is to nurture and empower young students to become proactive leaders in promoting sustainability. As “SDG ambassadors,” these students will play a crucial role in driving the efforts towards creating a more sustainable world by their daily actions.

Under the SDG Clubs, the students take lead in organizing activities on a regular basis, supported by faculty members. BSG serves as knowledge partners and provides resource materials, ideas for activities, themes etc.

Many wide and varied activities have been conducted in the institutes through the SDG Clubs which are related to SDGs and sustainability-based concepts. Students have come up with innovative ideas such as the ‘eco-brick project’, which involves constructing eco-bricks from sugarcane bagasse and plastic waste. Some of the other activities conducted involve an online quiz on the ‘BSG for SDG’ Mobile App, skits, visits to technology centres & solar plants, organizing expert lectures, debate competitions, group discussions, painting competition, organizing book donation drives, plantation drives, and other such activities.

Students across various age groups have conducted & participated in the activities, showcasing their keen enthusiasm to create a difference.

If you would like to establish an SDG Club in your institute in association with BSG, or if you would like to connect with us for more details, please reach out to us here.