7th July 2021

A webinar on ‘10 Volume Ikeda Study Series’ authored by Dr. N. Radhakrishnan was organized by BSG and Gandhi Media Centre, on Tuesday, 7th July 2021. The webinar focussed on the book authored by Dr. Radhakrishnan titled ‘ ‘Ikeda: Humanistic Education’.

In the 10-book series on youth, Dr Radhakrishnan focusses on President Ikeda’s world of activism, vision, and new thoughts with which he continues to influence people around the world. Dr Radhakrishnan highlights President Ikeda’s focus on the youth and women in his quest to establish lasting world peace.

Eminent speakers who spoke at the webinar included Mr. Hirofumi Koseki, Secretary General, The Institute of Oriental Philosophy, Mr. Michael Kok, Vice General Director Soka Gakkai Malaysia, Chairman & CEO SISM,

Dr. Kenneth Low, Asst. Prof. Deputy Cluster Director, Singapore Institute of Technology, Mr. Nobuo Yamagishi, Commissioned Research Fellow, IOP, Dr Namrata Sharma, Professor, State University of New York, Dr Sethu Kumanan, Chairman, Soka Ikeda Women’s College, Chennai, and Mr. Michael Yap, Deputy Director General, SSA.

On behalf of BSG, Prof. Anjana Sharma, Area Education Division Leader, Ms. Neelu Singh, Dy National Women’s Division Leader, Dr Akash Ouchi, Honorary Deputy Chairperson, and Mr Vishesh Gupta, Chairperson, addressed the gathering.

The speakers shared their views from different chapters of the book and spoke about a variety of topics. Mr. Nobuo Yamagishi and Dr Namrata Sharma shared their experiences as alumni of Soka University. Mr. Michael Kok and Dr. Kenneth Low talked about the Soka schools in Malaysia and Singapore respectively and how Soka Education has played an important part in developing the youth. The other speakers spoke about the relevance and significance of Humanistic Education as espoused by the Founding of Soka Gakkai President Tsunesaburo Makiguchi and later practiced by Second President Josei Toda and SGI President Daisaku Ikeda.

In his concluding speech, Dr N Radhakrishnan expressed his deep appreciation to all the speakers for participating in the webinar and for sharing their unique perspectives from the book with everyone.

This webinar, attended by over 1000 members and friends of BSG, was the 6th webinar in the series of webinars being organised to commemorate the 60th Anniversary of President Ikeda’s first visit to India in the year 1961.