13th September 2021

A webinar on ‘10 Volume Ikeda Study Series’ authored by Dr. N. Radhakrishnan was organized by BSG and Gandhi Media Centre, on Monday, 13th September 2021. The webinar focussed on the book authored by Dr. Radhakrishnan titled ‘Daisaku Ikeda: Strivings for a Human Revolution’.

In the 10-volume Ikeda Study series, Dr Radhakrishnan focusses on President Ikeda’s world of activism, vision, and new thoughts with which he continues to influence people around the world.

Eminent speakers who spoke at the webinar included Dr Sethu Kumanan, Chairman, Soka Ikeda Women’s College, Mr. Michael Kok, Vice General Director Soka Gakkai Malaysia, Chairman & CEO SISM, Dr Nobuo Yamagishi, Commissioned Research Fellow, IOP, Tokyo, Dr Namrata Sharma, Professor, State University of New York, and Mr. Michael Yap, Deputy Director General, SSA.

On behalf of BSG, Mr Vishesh Gupta, Chairperson, and Dr Akash Ouchi, Honorary Deputy Chairperson addressed the gathering.

The speakers shared their views from different chapters of the book and spoke about a variety of topics focussing on ‘Human Revolution’ as a theme.

Dr. Nobuo Yamagishi shared in detail how President Ikeda has developed the philosophy of Human revolution from the perspective of mentor and disciple. Dr Sethu Kumanan shared that the book brings the principles of Human Revolution and Peace closer to the readers and motivates us to work for world Peace. Mr Michael Kok talked about tolerance as a cherished principle in light of Human Revolution. Mr. Michael Yap, spoke of the relentless efforts of President Ikeda and said that this is the blueprint for achieving lasting peace. Dr. Namrata Sharma, highlighted the importance of sincerity as a key to turning the wheel of Human Revolution. Mr. Vishesh Gupta explained human revolution as a history of SGI and shared the seven characteristics of Human Revolution. Dr Akash Ouchi shared in detail about the significance of President Ikeda’s Peace Proposals and how they have evolved over a period of time.

In his concluding speech, Dr N Radhakrishnan expressed his deep gratitude to all the speakers for participating in the webinar and for sharing their learnings from the book with everyone.

This webinar, attended by over 1000 members and friends of BSG, was the 8th webinar in the series of webinars being organised to commemorate the 60th Anniversary of President Ikeda’s first visit to India in the year 1961.