At the heart of all activities undertaken by BSG is to build a peaceful society where the dignity of all life is respected, and where all living beings can be happy and enjoy themselves at ease. This can only be achieved when all human beings imbibe the spirit to cherish and empower each life.

Each one of us, without exception, wants to become happy. SGI President Daisaku Ikeda shares that the seed of happiness and the potential to achieve it, exists within the lives of all living beings, without distinction of any kind. To believe in and respect the innate infinite potential of one’s own life is the key to happiness. When we recognize that our life has this infinite potential inside us, we are able to recognise the same potential in others as well, and thereby love and respect them with an open heart. Cherishing each life in BSG simply means to respect each other unconditionally, which is also a requisite to forge friendships and build a peaceful world.

Ikeda explains this concept through an example about plants. He shares how – upon nurturing a single seed, it becomes a plant which produces many seeds. These seeds further become the source of innumerable seeds. This ripple effect gives birth to a blooming garden. As human beings, we are alike. When one person gets empowered, they empower many others. This chain reaction of empowering each life is the way to build peace and happiness in society.

Members of BSG take time out of their busy daily schedules to warmly interact with each other on a one-on-one basis, giving hope and encouragement to each other, igniting a flame of courage in the hearts of those who are suffering, thereby enabling them to become happy and victorious.