The key to winning in life is to ‘Never be defeated’. This is the spirit that members of Bharat Soka Gakkai strive to imbibe in their life through following the Buddhist practice of Soka Humanism and undergoing their own Human Revolution (inner transformation).

Human Revolution is a process of inner transformation and self-improvement. By undergoing their Human Revolution, members constantly polish their character, forge a stronger self, bring forth their inherent potential from within, and enable their positive qualities to shine, thereby transforming their most difficult situations toward winning.

Soka Humanism encompasses the practice of basing one’s life on (a) the study of SGI President Daisaku Ikeda’s writings, (b) undergoing one’s Human Revolution, and (c) taking concrete steps to cherish and empower others through dialogue and encouragement. These efforts lead to developing greater patience and perseverance in one’s own life. They also help bring out the noble virtues of courage, compassion and wisdom from within one’s own life – all of which are key requirements for winning in life.