Seeds of Hope Exhibition held in Chennai

11th February, 2020
MOP Vaishnav College for Women, Chennai

The first exhibition of the year of 2020, ‘Seeds of Hope: Visions of Sustainability, Steps toward Change’, was inaugurated at MOP Vaishnav College for Women, Chennai on the 11th February 2020. The exhibition was subsequently on display at 5 venues in Chennai and concluded on 20th February with a total footfall of 27,257. The exhibition across all the venues was viewed by students from 62 schools and 5 colleges and the Chennai members trained around 200 student volunteers in each school to explain the panels.

The exhibition was inaugurated by Chairman of Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board Mr. A.V. Venkatachalam who was also the chief guest for the function. In his address Mr. Venkatachalam spoke about the importance of sustainability and appreciated the efforts of BSG towards this endeavor. Also in attendance were Dr. Sethu Kumanan, Chairman of Soka Ikeda College of Arts & Science for Women, Mrs. Keertika Arun, Joint correspondent of Maharishi Vidya Mandir and Dr. Uthira D, Vice Principal of MOP Vaishnav college.

The exhibition was on display in MOP Vaishnav college on 11th and 12th Feb, in Guru Nanak College from 13th to 15th Feb, Shree Natesan Vidyasala on 16th Feb, Sethu Bhaskara Matriculation Higher Secondary School from 17th to 18th Feb and finally at Maharishi Vidya Mandir from 19th to 20th Feb. One of the participating schools sent their children for a street play on sustainability at all the venues and the school management offered their buses to enable more than 2,000 government school children to visit the exhibition.

The panels and the central message of the exhibition about the power of one single individual had a deep impact on the viewers and many left the exhibition with a deep resolve to effect a change in their environment. The blank panel in the exhibition (to enable viewers to attach their own statement of what they will do toward sustainability) was filled with heartfelt messages from the students who resolved to protect their environment.

The painstaking and detailed preparation done by all the volunteers and leaders in Chennai ensured that the exhibition was a great success and resulted in highest ever footfall for the exhibition and they determined to spread the message of peace and hope in their respective communities!

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Seeds of Hope – Visions of Sustainability – Steps Toward Change

24th June 2018
Sona College of Technology, Salem

The exhibition, ‘Seeds of Hope: Visions of Sustainability, Steps toward Change’, was inaugurated on 24th June 20148 at Sona College of Technology, Salem. The inauguration was presided over by Mr V R Rajendran, Vice Chancellor, Vinayaka Mission’s Research Foundation. The other guests present were Dr, S.R.R. Senthilkumar, Principal, Sona College of Technology, Dr. R. Malathy, Dean, Civil Department, Sona College of Technology. The inauguration was attended by more than 300 people.

In her address, Dr.R Malathy was lavish in her admiration for President Ikeda and the role of BSG in building Peace through Culture and Education. She expressed her confidence that the chief message of the exhibition ‘start with one’ would reach the people.

Dr. S.R.R. Senthilkumar talked about the significance and the role of an individual to protect and nurturing the environment. He applauded the efforts of BSG in bringing this valuable exhibition to Salem.

In his presidential speech, the Chief Guest Mr V R Rajendran touched about the importance of ‘living together with mutual respect and upholding of humanity”. “Love for the nature and the mother earth” should stem from one’s own life”, he said.

The exhibition was opened to the public from 25th to 30th June 2018 and was viewed by more than 7500 students from around 50 schools.

The film ‘A Quiet Revolution’ was also screened during the exhibition which was appreciated by all.

“Transforming Lives: The Power of Human Rights Education” exhibition held in Agra and Gwalior

April 15 – 26, 2018
Agra & Gwalior

A new exhibition titled “Transforming Lives: The Power of Human Rights Education” – being held for the first time in India – was inaugurated at Sur Sadan Auditorium, Agra on 15th April 2018.

Exploring the concepts of human rights and human rights education, the 25-panel exhibition showcased how human rights education has led to transformation and empowerment of individuals and communities around the world. The exhibition also explored the vast potential that ordinary citizens and civil society organizations possess towards nurturing a culture of human rights.

The exhibition was inaugurated in Agra by Dr. Poornima Jain, Head of Human Rights Department, Dayalbagh Educational Institute. Speaking on the occasion Dr. Jain said that an important aspect of Human Rights is our behavior towards others. “While it is important to know about Human Rights, what is also needed is an awareness of our responsibility towards others”, she stressed.

The inauguration ceremony got underway with a powerful cultural performance – deeply appreciated by all the guests and widely covered in the media. Subsequently, the exhibition was on display in 6 prominent schools and was viewed by other schools as well. The exhibition held from 16th to 21st April 2018 attracted a total of 5718 visitors.

On 22nd April, the exhibition moved to the fort city of Gwalior. The Divisional Commissioner, Mr B.M. Sharma inaugurated the exhibition at Galavghar Auditorium in Jiwaji University. Mr. Sharma greatly appreciated the efforts of BSG in raising awareness of human rights education. As in Agra, a joyful cultural program was the highlight of the inauguration. The panels were on display in 4 schools and was viewed by 6,101 students coming from all over the city. The exhibition concluded on 26th April 2018.

A number of school children eagerly learned about the panels from BSG members and in turn enthusiastically explained about the exhibition to other visitors.

The exhibition was covered extensively by the media in both cities. A few media clippings are attached.

The members of Agra and Gwalior worked against all odds and in perfect coordination to pull off a very successful exhibition which made a deep impact in society.

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‘Seeds of Hope’ Exhibition Held In Manipal

February 2-4, 2018

The first exhibition of this year, ‘Seeds of Hope: Visions of Sustainability, Steps toward Change’, was inaugurated at Melaka Manipal Medical College (MMMC), Manipal Academy of Higher Education, Manipal on the 2nd February 2018

The exhibition was inaugurated on 2nd February 2018 by Chief guest Mr. C. G. Muthanna, Chief Operating Officer, Kasturba Hospital, Manipal. In his address Mr. Muthanna noted the various issues being faced by society and environment today which makes holding such an exhibition very significant. The Guests of honor for the occasion were Professor Varadesh Hiregange, Director of Gandhian and Peace Studies and Professor Hilda Rayappan, Founder and Director Prajna Counselling Centre, Mangaluru. Speaking on the occasion, Professor Varadesh stressed on the importance of one person taking action. Professor Hilda encouraged the youth to continue to take action for betterment of society. Dr. Ullas Kamath, Dean MMMC gave the welcome address.

BSG and MMMC trained more than 150 school students across Manipal, Udupi, Agumbe, Karkala, Moodbidri, and Panemangalore to present the panels. Students from various schools viewed the exhibition. These schools include, S.V.S High school, A.V.M English Medium High School, Sri Bhuvanendra Residential School, Sri Sharada High School, Sri L.V.N Pai Vidyalaya, Green Park Engligh Medium High School, Mahaveera PU college, and Madhav Kripa High School.

The exhibition was viewed by more than 3200 students. The students, who were trained for presentation, presented the panels with a lot of enthusiasm. Dr. Annamma Kurien, Associate Dean, MMMC mentioned that this exhibition would have certainly made a lifelong impression on those involved. Students were also involved in interactive games to reinforce the learning from the exhibition.

The exhibition was covered by the national and local media.

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SOH Exhibition Report of Belgaum

Dec 3, 2017
Love Dale Central School, Belgaum.

An exhibition ‘Seeds of Hope: Visions of Sustainability was inaugurated on Dec 3, 2017 at Love Dale Central School, Belgaum.

The exhibition was inaugurated on December 3rd at Love Dale Central School, Belagavi by Mr Deepak Dhadoti, CEO, Servo Controls. Mr Sameer Majali, Training and Development Officer KLE Society Belgaum, Dr Madhav Prabhu, Asst Professor, J N Medical College and Mrs Laxmi Inchal, Principal were also present at the inauguration.

Chief Guest Mr Deepak Dhadoti lauded Dr. Ikeda’s astounding leadership in creating a worldwide organization to promote peace. Guest of honour Mr Sameer Majali and Dr Madhav Prabhu also praised the efforts of BSG in holding this exhibition. The exhibition continued for 4 days from December 3, 2017 to December 6, 2017 at this venue.

The exhibition was again ceremoniously opened at Govindram Seksaria Science College by College President Mr Sevantilal Shah and Principal Dr Nagaraj Hegde. In his speech the president appreciated the BSG’s initiative of creating environmental awareness and suggested to focus on presenting local case studies apart from international ones. Principal Dr Nagaraj Hegde said that it is not only important to build awareness on issues of sustainable development but also imperative to take appropriate action to bring its objectives to fruition. The exhibition was open till December 9, 2017 at this venue.

A total of 35 schools and colleges paid visit to both the venues. A total of 5,500 people viewed the exhibition.

‘Seeds of Hope’ Exhibition held in Vivekanand Vidya Vihar, Khargone (near Indore)

4th-5th August, 2017
Vivekanand Vidya Vihar, Khargone (near Indore)

The Exhibition, ‘Seeds of Hope: Visions of Sustainability, Steps toward Change’, was held at Vivekanand Vidya Vihar, Khargone (near Indore) on 4th-5th Aug, 2017.

The exhibition was inaugurated by Professor Rishikesha T Krishnan, Director IIM Indore. It was attended by 2,000 students from 22 Schools in the vicinity along with 50 teachers and Principals. The exhibition generated tremendous awareness about the sustainable development goals and BSG. BSG members in Indore trained 50 students from the school who further explained each panel with enthusiasm.

‘Seeds of Hope’ Exhibition held in Lucknow

18 April 2017

The second exhibition of this year, ‘Seeds of Hope: Visions of Sustainability, Steps toward Change’, was inaugurated at La Martiniere Girls College, Lucknow on the 18th of April 2017.Prof. S.K. Barik, Director CSIR – National Botanical Research Institute and Prof. Sushil Kumar, Head, Deptt of Business Sustainability, IIM Lucknow, inaugurated the exhibition.

In his keynote address Prof S.K. Barik, who was also the Chief Guest for the occasion, said, “Poverty is that crucial factor that blocks the spread of peace and social justice. Poverty alleviation is therefore the most important responsibility before us. Each of us should confront this misery head on in order to establish an interconnectedness with all life. This way we will ensure sustainable development and peaceful environment management. I see the Seeds of Hope Exhibition as very pertinent in the current context”. Prof Barik also mentioned that he was deeply moved to see the smiling faces of the of BSG members and praised the members for their efforts.

Prof Sushil Kumar, the Guest of Honour said, “I sincerely appreciate the effort Bharat Soka Gakkai has made in organising this exhibition which showcases individuals from around the world who have taken up the challenge to bring about change. The exhibition rightly emphasises that sustainability is not only about protecting the environment — it’s also about ensuring social justice and peace.

BSG Chairperson Mr. Vishesh Gupta gave the welcome address and presented the guests with mementos. In his address, he said, “The exhibition leaves a very powerful message to plant the seeds of hope in the hearts of all who view it, to recognise the potential each of us possess to take concrete action in our communities.”

The inaugural was attended by a total of 560 prominent people including members from Kanpur, Rae Baraeli and Agra. Mrs. Jyoti Lal, Dy. All India WD Chief, gave the vote of thanks.

The inauguration was covered extensively by the national and local media. Media Coverage – Lucknow

The painstaking and detailed preparation done by all the volunteers and leaders in Lucknow ensured that the inaugural function was a great success and they determined to spread the message of peace and hope in their respective communities.

The exhibition was on display at 7 other venues including the Regional Science Centre, City Montessori School, Mount Carmel College, G.D.Goenka School, Lucknow Public School and Sardar Patel Institute of Dental & Medical Sciences. The exhibition culminated at Ambedkar University on 1st May 2017.

The panels received a tremendous response from the people of Lucknow . Over 20,000 students and people from more than 75 institutions visited the different venues.