30th April, 2024

What’s interesting about our collaboration with Kirori Mal College (KMC)? This was our second SOHA with them! In January 2022, KMC’s Peace Club, along with BSG, conducted an online SOHA. Fast forward to April this year, when we had the incredible opportunity to reconnect with the Peace Club, solidifying our commitment to fostering a sustainable, harmonious future.

Promoting Peace and Sustainability with Kirori Mal College, Delhi University

The Peace Club graciously welcomed SOHA to their fest. This marked the 123rd edition of SOHA. The exhibition kicked off with esteemed guests including Prof. Dinesh Khattar, Principal of KMC, and Prof. P. Kesava Kumar, Head of the Department of Philosophy at the University of Delhi. The guest speaker for the fest, Ms. Subhra Ranjan, also came to the exhibition and took keen interest in each panel.

The footfall count tallied an impressive 500, with students from KMC and neighboring colleges visiting the exhibition throughout the day. Students expressed in their feedback that the stories of fortitude, creativity, and collective action they saw on the panels inspired them.

The Peace Club’s decision to reintroduce SOHA to KMC students affirms the exhibition’s value and brings us great joy. The sight of students eagerly setting up the SOHA panels and sparking discussions on ‘Sustainable Human Behavior’ will be etched in our memories for a long time to come.