23rd April, 2024

The 121st SOHA exhibition at Genesis Global School, Noida, was a resounding success, igniting enthusiasm and curiosity among more than 100 young people. The exhibition seamlessly integrated into the school’s Earth Day celebrations. Students flocked to the event, emanating an earnest desire to learn the intricacies of ‘Sustainable Human Behavior’.

The Champions of Genesis Global School, Noida, Illuminate the Way Forward

As evident from the pictures, the students embraced the SOHA panels wholeheartedly, infusing them with their unique perspectives and artistic flair.

The students enthusiastically reported that the exhibition provided them with an invaluable opportunity to comprehend the nuances of sustainability firsthand, empowering them to lead thought-provoking conversations on the subject. Brimming with excitement, they eagerly gathered their friends around the panels, fostering engaging discussions and a collective appreciation for sustainable practices.

Their honest interest in understanding and discussing sustainability undoubtedly emerged as the exhibition’s crowning glory. It is moments like these that reaffirm our belief in the transformative potential of youth-led initiatives and their ability to shape a more sustainable tomorrow.

Catch a glimpse of the exhibition below