19th May, 2024

450 students and staff arrived at the 127th SOHA held at Dogra Higher Secondary School (DHSS), Shastri Nagar, Jammu. The exhibition was graced by Chief Guest Dr. Zabeer Ahmed.

Students of Carmel Convent School, Jammu, are the Hope of the World

Powerful words fueled the program. The esteemed Managing Director (MD) of DHSS, Kunwar Gambhir Dev Singh Charak, underlined SOHA’s power to shape young minds into global citizens.

Talented students from Class 11 and 12 became rockstar explainers, eloquently dissecting the exhibition panels. Their detailed explanations, brimming with insights into Sustainable Human Behavior, reflected their dedication and deep understanding of the subject matter.

Dr. Ahmed delivered a stirring message, urging the audience to become the architects of positive change. He emphasized that progress necessitates active participation, advocating for the localization of global knowledge. The MD echoed this sentiment, urging everyone to become knowledge ambassadors, taking these learnings beyond themselves and into their communities.
SOHA transcended a simple exhibition. It transformed into a dynamic forum for dialogue and shared discovery.