20th May, 2024

Tiny Tots Higher Secondary School, Jammu, in collaboration with Bharat Soka Gakkai organized the 128th SOHA. The exhibition comprises 25 different panels depicting the “Power of One” and how individual actions are important to create a more sustainable world. More than 200 students witnessed the exhibition.


Sadia Khateeb, an alumni of Tiny Tots and a budding actress along with Mrs. Veena Handa were the Chief Guests for the day.

The exhibition was inaugurated with lighting of the Lamp. A short movie on Sustainable Development Goals was displayed for the students for better understanding. This was followed by a detailed description of each panel by the students of Tiny Tots.

An interesting detail: The students made their own scripts and gave SOHA their personal touch. In their efforts and enthusiasm, one could clearly see that they have deeply resonated with the message of SOHA and wish to take it far and wide.

Sadia Khateeb suggested to the students that they must take care of the environment and plant trees and at the same time look after animals to maintain a balanced ecosystem on this planet. She praised the students for the efforts that they put into explaining the panels.

Dr Vikram Handa, Principal of Tiny Tots, powerfully emphasized that even the smallest individual efforts, when combined, can create a wave of positive change. He congratulated BSG and the students of the school for putting up such a remarkable exhibition. Additionally, the faculty of the school called this SOHA “a great grand success.”

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