Youth Webinar Feedback Report

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v krishnamachari
Wonderful discussion by the panelist, One can get energy from these discussions and also road map for moving forward
alka mendiratta
So much to learn from the unique invigorating Webinar .Many many congratulations . Feeling so very fortunate and proud to be a member of BSG
geetha bai. m
Very encouraging & learnt many things.
sucheta raswant
Thank you so much and congratulations for providing a wonderful platform for us to be able to learn, grow and empower our lives on the most fundamental level. Awesome webinar full of Hope, passion and conviction. Truly the Power of One! Power of youth!
shubhug seth
It was a wonderful initiative. We can use more creative ways to present the points along with the discussion. it will make the webinars more engaging.
devendra kalra
Listening views from many corners of different mindset..really paves new paths of..fresh ENERGY....
sonal tavkar
Truly inspiring to all ... and a driving force to develop and discipline ourselves bringing about a ripple effect of positive change in our environment by taking action out of our own volition!!.. Thank you everyone..🙂👏👏
Shweta Saraf
I loved this webinar and attended it along with my mother. It was empowering, profound and a great way to celebrate Nov 18th. I'm taking a new determination today to start anew and to keep starting anew whenever the situation arises. I'm also going to do things which are considered difficult and people say no and impossible to it. The webinar was full of learnings for sure. Thank you so much for conducting this webinar. I'm a proud disciple of Ikeda Sensei.
virendra rai
new delhi
A wonderful webinar, learned a lot from what the youth panelists spoke spoke about their passion for their work, courage, not to be defeated attitude in life and working for society. Amazing discussion, Three Cheers
saumyadip ghosh
It is a very encouraging and motivating approach to bring youth in the frontline and letting them to lead by courageous examples to transform and elevate the society to build a peaceful and joyful world of soka at large. Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to learn and realise to take the right and necessary action in the path of mentor and disciple.
anumita sarkar
Excellent panellists and inspiring experiences. Thank you.
geeta ashok
Thank you so much for sharing the webinar .Feel so recharged by the power of our youth.I will continue to reach out to each & every member to make them feel the joy of this practice. I will Sensei!!.Yes ,I will!!
nishtha manchanda
very encouraging webinar
harshita sareen
new delhi
Wonderful Webinar! Gained alot of insights on how to live a happy life.
pritima kaushal
south delhi
It was very insightful. Happy to see our youth having great vision for this wonderful country. I am very glad BSG is going in a big way to pursue the UN SDG. Kudos. I will do my bit too. Thankyou so much
papia bera
This webinar was really inspiring. I got to learn the steps I can take to become a part of the change I dream of. I learnt the action of the basic points to accomplish big dreams. the webinar was valuable. I love the panellist. I felt the panellist were slightly restricted to the format maybe it could be the more free-flowing discussion. but overall the questions asked were insightful. and the discussion was meaningful for me. Loved the musical performance and the video was the most amazing part as well as the dance. it was very motivating. I did not feel disconnected at any point.
It was an amazing meeting! Getting to hear different perspective and journey from such imminent speakers from diverse fields helped me gain insights and confidence that nothing is impossible with determination and hard work. Thank you so much BSG!! Proud to be a part of this family 🙂
parag kalra
Got lot of encouragement. Thank you so much.
Tanisha Dey Sarkar
Wonderful was very encouraging, got a lot to learn. Thank You 🙂
mukul sinha
Very inspiring webinar for all. The power of youth and power of one came out very strongly. Importance of purpose and a sound philosophy was highlighted as being critical to lead meaningful lives. Truly motivating for all youth and others with youthful spirit. Very well planned and presented including the cultural part in the beginning. Kudos to all involved.
sameer kochhar
new delhi
Amazing to hear Himakshi, Karan, Meenal, Sumant today in Youth webinar. Can we see Webinar again, I mean will its recording be posted on TRAILBLAZERS website ? Suggestion - Can BSG please arrange to send Some document on Discussion which happened today. And another suggestion can BSG please arrange to send Document ( Reading material) on all Important Webinars / Events / Meetings so that Youth and everyone keeps reminding ourselves what was discussed in the Webinar / Event.
Amazingly encouraging and enlightening webinar. Lots of learning. So gratifying to hear youth who are so concerned and working hard to bring about a change.
Feeling blessed to be able to attend such an eye opening and youthful spirited Webinar.Highly motivated today after realizing the power of youth and the way one's potential can be manifested for the betterment of society as a whole.
anish acharyya
Superb .. Thank you for a lovely session
Sumit Kumar
Thank you so much for such a powerful, insightful & Enlightening Webinar, that too, on Soka Gakkai founding day. It was truly encouraging & heart-warming to see the power of youth on display, through their shared experiences, thoughts & Actions. Deepest Gratitude to all for making this Amazing Webinar possible. Am sure Sensei will be very happy to see his beloved youth taking such powerful action. VICTORY IS 100% CERTAIN. Thank you
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