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hema kalyan
It was very interesting and encouraging. Thank you very much
rajni malik
Really very inspiring, en ncouraging and invigorting discussion with very good vibes.
megha tyagi
I am feeling so honoured to be able to attend today's webinar, I could relate with every words of panelists..i glued to the screen till the end?.thanks to BSG ?????
bonani misra
Listening to, and absorbing, the diverse approaches, attitudes, perspectives and conviction of every dynamic panelist was a very rejuvenating, refreshing ,rewarding experience! They truly embodied and demonstrated the infinite power and potential of what one determined woman can do! What to say, then, of the millions of Soka women, who, walking the path of mentor, guided by the spirit of the oneness of mentor and disciple, and through their on human revolution ,are gently, firmly, resolutely, relentlessly, tirelessly and earnestly striving each day to transform society and the world! Thank you BSG for holding this most stimulating webinar!
smita bansal sharma
Empowering session, added a fresh perspective
C M Mehta
new delhi
A truly educative webinar which educated us about so many aspects like the dirty dozen, intentionality, ways to empower ourselves and to create opportunities for oneself and others where none seem to exist. This has threads in common with the Buddhist philosophy and the concept of Shoten Zenjin. We learnt how you can suceed inspite of not necessarily being in a privileged environment and be a giver & provider from being a taker, the learnings being applicable whether you are a woman or a man. It was truly a pleasure listening to this panel of empowered & empowering women.
aparna jaitly
new delhi
Thank you! Truly inspirational. I will print out the dirty dozen list right now
aparna jaitly
new delhi
Thank you! Truly inspirational. I will print out the dirty dozen list right now
srelekha mukerji
new delhi
Many thanks for a brilliant webinar! Made one gain fresh perspectived as a soka WD and interconnectedness of faith with realities of personal and public life that the panelists spoke of... The selection of panelists from diverse fields of contribution was so well interwoven with soka humanism so seamlessly by Raashi and Vishesh . Learnt so much on how to bridge ideas and diverse view points ! Congratulations!!
priyanka ahuja
new delhi
Yet another extremely enlightening webinar especially centered around women empowerment! Many congratulations as well as thanks a lot for all the painstaking efforts for putting this together as always!!! Would humbly request the planning board to upload this one too on the trailblazer portal along with other videos! Praying for BSG to continue to hold many such webinars in future. - A very grateful BSG member.
nina thakur
Very nice want to hear it again as am presently in Bahrain so time difference so missed quite a bit.
nita gokhale
It was a very profound and meaningful panel discussion that once again highlights that we are so fortunate to have encountered a mentor, a philosophy and be a part of BSG , because everything that the panelists who came from such diverse organisations said was so much in rhythm with what sensei has encouraged us with all along his entire life. We already have heard it from Ikeda Sensei time and again , and now the time has come to imbibe all the take aways from our mentor's guidance based on ND's understanding of the Lotus Sutra and the gosho lines " when the skies are clear the ground is illuminated . Similarly , when one knows the lotus sutra, one understands the meaning of all worldly affairs." Therefore , it will easier for us to live with the true Avatar of the Bodhisattva of the Earth and Buddha so as to continue to empower and include people from diverse backgrounds transcending all differences and non conscious biases to give an equitable opportunity to every life , leaving no one behind, to identify their own higher purpose in life , tap their highest potential and make others and self happy. Then truly we can say we have Towards 2030 tapped the power of women to build a century of life each in our own unique way. Thanks to BSG , the panelists and specially shruti for a wonderful moderation of the discussion and for this opportunity to be part of this meaningful and value creating Webinar. Feeling truly empowered.
mukta mathur
Very profound, deep-rooted and empowering panel of discussion ?
reena ghosh
It was an excellent webinar. All the penalist were explained the topic so nicely, it was related to our day to day life. We can easily relate to our personal human revolution. Thank you so much for given this opportunity to attend this wonderful webinar.
ms.radhika hegde
Enjoyed listening to each one of the panelists. Checking out the 12 dirty dozen bias, on the Avatar website. Thank you
superb, so much to take back
namrata mehta
new delhi
super empowering excellent very encouraging webinar
arti khare
neena and simrata
It was a learning experience and will surely apply to what we have learnt today.
N K Vinutha
It was wonderful to be a part of such an empowering webinar! Taking back many points, especially the three mentioned by Swati. Deepest gratitide
divya mehta
new delhi
It was an amazing webinar. There was so much to learn from all the panelists and also interesting to hear how they empower themselves to keep going despite all odds to become the best version of themselves. Looking forward to more such webinars. Thank you.
nandita basu
new delhi
Wonderful webinar. Most inspiring and full of insight into the problems of Indian women and how to go about them to make women self sufficient and finally empowered.
vaishali deshpande
south delhi
Indeed a very powerful webinar. Showcasing yet again that empowering women, believing in her compassionate potential will make the world a better place.The choice of panelist was good. The eminent personalities were also in rhythm with BSG philosophy.
geeta ashok
wonderful webinar.All the panelists were superb.loved the phrase...every woman is strong & gentle & is capable of spreading happiness. Thank you.
I enjoy the talks of penalist and get more new idea and encouragement from them Thankyou
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