30th March, 2024

More than 100 gathered eagerly at what felt like a sustainability festival. The grounds of IES Management and Research College (MCRC) buzzed with excitement as the 119th SOHA exhibition took center stage there in March. The air was filled with much enthusiasm as the IEC family came together in full force.

SOHA joins hands with IES Management and Research College (MCRC) for a greener future

From the esteemed Dean to the dedicated faculty members and enthusiastic students of IEC MCRC, to representatives from IES Architecture College, IEC Orion School, Dadar, and IES Manik Vidyamandir (School), the event was graced by a diverse array of attendees. Each brought their own unique perspective to the table, enriching the experience for all.

Guided by the spirited young students of the college, participants embarked on a journey through the exhibition, exploring each panel with rapt attention. The urgent call for climate action echoed through the halls as discussions on Sustainable Human Behavior (SHB) absorbed the participants.

As the day drew to a close, smiles lit up the faces of attendees, their hearts brimming with satisfaction at having been a part of something truly significant. Voices resonated, urging for these events to be given the spotlight they rightfully deserve in the education landscape.

Engaging in lively conversations on sustainability, the IES community forged connections and ignited sparks of inspiration that promise to illuminate the path ahead. We look forward to the change that these young minds will bring, as they strive to leave their mark on the world.