16th November, 2023

On the 16th of November 2023, BSG orchestrated a groundbreaking SOHA exhibition at Amazon’s Hyderabad Campus, marking the first such instance in a corporate environment. This was also the 97th SOHA exhibition conducted by BSG since 2021. It drew an audience of over 120 individuals, predominantly comprising enthusiastic young attendees. The exhibition provided them with an enlightening experience, emphasizing the potential of young people as ‘Agents of Change,’ vividly depicted through informative panels elucidated by dedicated BSG volunteers.

SOHA Exhibition held at Amazon’s Hyderabad Campus

The SOHA exhibition showcases diverse thematic panels covering critical subjects such as climate change, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the ‘BSG for SDG’ app, and an interactive platform inviting online participants to share their ideas for actionable change. Central to its message was the concept of the “Power of One,” highlighting the pivotal role of youth in shaping a more sustainable world. The exhibition, which is structured around five core themes – “Inspire, Learn, Reflect, Empower, Act & Lead,” aligns with UNESCO’s ESD for 2030 initiative, fostering education for sustainable development.

Alongside the exhibition was a continuous screening of the BSG video titled “BSG for SDG | Towards 2030: Achieving the SDGs through Sustainable Human Behaviour” This impactful video underscores the significance of adopting behavioural changes to collectively create a sustainable global ecosystem.

Audience feedback uniformly expressed the exhibition’s timeliness and relevance. Viewers extended gratitude to the volunteers for their passionate explanations, acknowledging the heightened awareness generated. Moreover, a substantial number of attendees enthusiastically downloaded the ‘BSG for SDG’ Mobile App, affirming their commitment to embracing more sustainable lifestyles.

Here are some of the feedback shared:

“It was good to know about the initiatives taken by various people around the world. A walk through of all these was a reminder to take mini sustainable steps for better future.”

“A small start can have a big impact.”

“It starts with yourself. Make the small changes. It counts.”

A glimpse of the exhibition can be seen here.