13th November, 2022

BSG, in collaboration with BITS-Pilani, conducted an online “Seeds of Hope & Action” (SOHA) on Sunday, 13th November 2022. The exhibition was attended by students and faculty members from BITS-Pilani.

SOHA Exhibition conducted in BITS-Pilani

The SOHA exhibition stresses on one’s interconnectedness with the rest of the community of life and the need to broaden the sphere of compassion. It highlights the fact that one single individual can initiate positive change. The exhibition uses the “Learn, Reflect & Empower” formula outlined in SGI President Daisaku Ikeda’s proposal on education for sustainable development.

The exhibition commenced with an introduction about the SOHA and the vision and activities of BSG.

On behalf of BSG, Mr. Vikas Verma, Regional Head, UNDP North India, and a member of the BSG for SDG Taskforce, addressed the audience and interacted with the youth, answering their questions. He emphasized that the SDGs are the only solution for the problems afflicting the world. He quoted UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres and urged the students of BITS-Pilani to work on solutions to climate change in North India, while desisting to work for those who are wrecking the climate. In response to a question on what one can do for sustainability without having any resources, he shared simple steps which he has adopted in his own life, such as taking a jute bag for shopping, avoiding plastic water bottles. He further urged the audience to become more aware and conscious, and to reflect on the action that one can take at an individual level to lead a more sustainable life.

Students of the Renewable Energy Club (REC) of the institution then presented the panels and explained several case studies, which demonstrated the ‘Power of One’.
The audience appreciated the exhibition and the efforts of the students to present the panels. They resolved to overcome feelings of powerlessness and take action in their own lives. President of the REC, Mr. Sathya Skanda BM, thanked BSG for organizing the exhibition and urged the audience to lead more sustainable lives.