24th – 25th January, 2023
PSN College of Engineering & Technology, Thirunelveli

Bharat Soka Gakkai and PSN College of Engineering & Technology joined forces for a two-day exhibition extravaganza on January 24th and 25th 2023. The opening ceremony was a grand affair with the exhibition being unveiled to a crowd of eager students and faculty.

BSG conducts SOHA Exhibition at ITI, Nand Nagri, Delhi

Student ambassadors took centre stage as they passionately showcased the various panels, overcoming language barriers and showcasing their commitment to a more sustainable world. Their messages were brought to life through vibrant rangolis, each representing one of the Sustainable Development Goals along with a desire to protect the earth.

Dr. Amirdha Sher Gill, Dean of the College, praised BSG for their efforts and looked forward to a long-lasting partnership to promote sustainability initiatives at the college.

The exhibition drew in over 500 visitors from the college and surrounding institutions, all eager to learn and contribute to a better world. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with attendees stating that the exhibition was a timely reminder of the urgent need for action towards sustainability. A step towards a greener future, one exhibition at a time!