8-9 January 2015
Jesus & Mary College, New Delhi
BSG and the Green Society of Jesus & Mary College in New Delhi JMC jointly organised a two-day exhibition of Seeds of Hope on the JMC campus on 8 January 2015. The JMC principal, Sister (Dr.) Marina John, inaugurated the exhibition by lighting the auspicious diya and said, “I am extremely happy to participate in this noble undertaking through our Green Society collaborating with SGI.”

The head of the BSG’s education division, Dr. Ashok Arora, said, “The most important section of this exhibition is on ‘What can I do?’ and ‘What will I do?’ that shows individuals who have made a difference. There are concrete ideas of what one person can do.”

The associate professor of JMC’s economics and commerce department, Dr. Mani A. Nandhi, convener of the Green Society, said: “What each one of us does reflects on our society. When I interacted with some of those in the BSG and got to know about this exhibition, I was very keen because what our students need is information with substantive support. All the panels present information with background support and case studies which students can understand. This is the kind of awareness building we want, what kind of damage we are doing to the environment without being aware of it. The next Green Society initiative is to make students clean up the campus and another one on the radiation effects of cell phones.”

Viewers at the exhibition were moved by the 30-minue documentary film A Quiet Revolution screened after the inauguration ceremony. The central theme of the film is that one individual has the power and the responsibility to change the world.

After viewing the exhibition, the student in-charge of the Green Society, Ms. Stella George, a third-year Economics (Hon.) student, “I actually opened my notebook and started writing down the quotes from the panels, they are beautiful. I hope all of us spread this idea, that this planet is ours and so we must take care of it, to our families and in our neighbourhood. I am motivated by the exhibition. If we do even a little, one person can make a difference.”

Responding to the ‘You Can’ section panel which suggests, “Look at your own life: Think before you buy—do I really need this?”, second-year BA Economics (Hon.) student Akanksha Bansal decided on the spot: “I will think twice before I buy anything. I will try not to waste things.”