3 February 2017

The first exhibition of this year, ‘Seeds of Hope: Visions of Sustainability, Steps toward Change’, was inaugurated in Guwahati on the 3rd of February 2017. The exhibition was on display at 4 different venues till 12th February 2017. The venues were ITA, Machkhowa, Indian Institute of Handloom Technology, Khanapara, Rudra Singha Indoor Stadium, Lastgate, Dispur and Donbosco School.

The Hon’ble Chief Minister of Assam, Shri Sarbananda Sonowal, inaugurated the exhibition at ITA Pragjyota Centre For Performing Arts Machknowa on 3rd February 2017. Also present were Mr. V.K. Pepersenia; Chief Secretary, Govt of Assam and Dr. Dhruba J Saikia, Vice-Chancellor, Cotton College State University.

Speaking on the occasion, the Chief Minister said, “Seeds of Hope’ intends to create a value-based society. In order to do so, we must devote every moment of our life to society. There are many challenges ahead and BSG members must come forward and lead the change. Life is very short and we must dedicate our life for the good of society. Only when we act can we achieve our goal.

“Youth is a powerhouse and has immense potential. They must realize it and utilize it. When we work hard for the cause of human society, revolutionary changes can be brought and youth can bring revolutionary changes in society. 65% of India’s population is below 35, making our country the youngest country in the world. India must become a land of youth-led development.”

Echoing these thoughts, Mr. V.K. Pepersenia said, “‘Seeds of Hope’ depicts the power of one. We are in the habit of complaining and commenting. But the power of one tells us that it is only “I” who is responsible. If it pinches me, I must act to correct it. If I don’t act, nobody will.”

Dr Dhrubajyoti Saikia believed that: “We must look to make life sustainable, better.” He added that human carelessness was endangering the Earth. After referring to the aquatic life being endangered due to discarded plastic bottles, he said, “It doesn’t take much trouble to carry back the plastic bottles that people discard on beaches. The change has to come from within us.”

“Gandhi reminded us of it, BSG is reminding us that we need to be the change. We must grow together. Only compassion and humanism will carry us forward. Youngsters are taking an active role in building the future and there are enough resources to do so. Each one of us must change to change the world.”

In his welcome address, BSG Chairperson Vishesh Gupta appreciated the Chief Minister’s constant involvement with environmental issues and sustainable development and said that these resonate with the goals of SGI, which stands for dignity of life.

The inauguration was covered extensively by the national and local media.

The exhibition saw a footfall of 6470 visitors.