12th February, 2022
Jagan Institute Of Management Studies (JIMS), New Delhi

The Exhibition ‘Seeds of Hope & Action (SOHA): Making the SDGs a Reality’ was held on 12th February 2022 at Jagan Institute of Management Studies (JIMS), New Delhi. Around 200 students and faculty viewed the exhibition.

The exhibition started with an introductory video detailing the activities of BSG and SGI President Daisaku Ikeda followed by the exhibition.

A group of students from JIMS enthusiastically presented the panels and stressed on the need to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) through individual actions. Several examples of the ‘Power of One’ to bring about a great transformation in society, from the exhibition panels, were shared by the students.

The exhibition concluded with an interactive Question-Answer session in which students asked various questions on implementation of SDGs at an individual level and on a larger scale.