15-18 April 2015
JBM Global School, Noida-Expressway
The three-day long ‘Seeds of Change’ exhibition held at JBM Global School, Noida-Expressway, on 15th, 16th and 18th May 2015, received a great reception and enthusiastic participation from one and all.

Speaking on the occasion, the administrative head of JBM Global School, Dr. (Mrs.) Seema Bhandari said, “The thought behind the panels is mystically very much in sync with our school’ endeavor of Greenofest that was conceptualized in 2008, and moves around sustainability and preservation of the Mother Nature.” She also emphasized on the fact that even if 10 percent of the children could change their heart and develop a clear understanding towards the theme of this exhibition then, “I will be very happy because that way, they will be taking home something for life.”

A senior citizen Mr. Jay Prakash admitted that “we have got tired of trying to reiterate the importance of interconnectedness. But this exhibition is simply and effectively driving home the point again. I am very happy to see this.” A student of the school felt very strongly about a need for preservation and said that he now feels more assured that “the action of one person can actually make a difference.” Mirroring his thought another student remarked that he will definitely try and do “my bit”. He agreed to one of the volunteer’s suggestion of looking after birds in his environment by creating small watering holes for them in his vicinity.

The students took active part in explaining each of the panels and went all out to explain the deep message of human interconnectedness and need for preservation.

The final day was marked by the presence of District Magistrate of Greater Noida, Mr. Nagendra Prasad Singh who appreciated this effort being made by Bharat Soka Gakkai and wished that the youth would be able to move towards “such positive thoughts.”