2nd February, 2024

Bharat Soka Gakkai (BSG) conducted the 109th SOHA exhibition at Postgraduate Government College, Sector 46, Chandigarh. The Department of Environment Studies of the College took the lead in collaborating with BSG to conduct the exhibition. This impactful exhibition attracted over 500 students and faculty, fostering a spirit of environmental awareness and action!

Postgraduate Government College, Chandigarh Hosts Inspiring SOHA Sustainability Exhibition

The exhibition was inaugurated by Dr. Abha Sudarshan, Principal of the college. Dr. Sudarshan’s inspiring words highlighted the importance of sustainable living for everyone. She commended the participating students for their dedication to raising awareness. Dr. Rajesh Kumar, Dean, and Dr. Baljit Singh, Vice Principal, also graced the event, showcasing the college’s commitment to environmental education.

50 enthusiastic students from various streams took the lead in expertly explaining the informative panels to the attendees. The exhibition sparked meaningful conversations, igniting a passion for environmental protection within the college community.

The feedback from the attendees was overwhelmingly positive. Many expressed a deeper understanding of environmental issues and a newfound drive to take action.

“This exhibition opened my eyes to the possibilities of protecting our environment,” shared one student. “I learned about inspiring initiatives and feel empowered to make a difference, starting with small but impactful actions.”

Another attendee remarked, “The exhibition highlighted how even small efforts can create a significant positive impact on our planet. I’m committed to doing my part and encouraging others to join the movement!”

The SOHA exhibition at Postgraduate Government College, Chandigarh, serves as a stepping stone towards a more sustainable future. Through education, collaboration, and individual action, this exhibition was an active step towards contributing to a healthier planet for all.