3rd February, 2024

BSG’s 110th Seeds of Hope & Action (SOHA) exhibition happened in the open and beautiful space of the India Habitat Centre. We were delighted to partner with Protect Our Planet (POP) Movement’s “International Conference and POP Festival for Youth-Led Climate Action 2024”.

Harmony in Diversity: 110th SOHA exhibition at POP festival in India Habitat Centre

Thanks to the festival, we could unite over 500 attendees in our conversations for the future. With vibrant displays and passionate volunteers, BSG explained the panels on the ‘Power of One’ in achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

A fascinating detail: This SOHA distinguished itself through the diverse array of attendees. Sustainability experts, heads of various institutions, and of course, young people came together for an extensive discussion on sustainability. The discourse unfolded in three stages: doubt, dialogue, and mutual understanding.

In their feedback, all participants shared that it was a fruitful discussion where everyone engaged with different viewpoints, yet with a shared eagerness to learn. This is the SOHA mission. We believe dialogue is key to developing and nurturing a sustainability consciousness.