Honorary Doctorates and Awards


As of May 2022, Daisaku Ikeda had been awarded a total of over 401 academic honors, mainly honorary doctorates and honorary professorships, from academic institutions from all over the world in recognition of his efforts to promote peace, educational and cultural exchange.

Country University Award Year
India Birsa Agricultural University (BAU) Honorary Professorship 2022
Brazil Federal University of Pernambuco Honorary Doctorate 2021
Brazil Federal University of Piauí Honorary Doctorate 2020
Philippines Central Mindanao University Honorary Doctorate in Educational Administration 2020
India Xavier University Bhubaneswar Honorary Doctorate in Sustainability Management 2019
India Jaipur National University Honorary Doctorate 2019
China Changchun Normal University Honorary Professor 2019
Uzbekistan National University of Uzbekistan Honorary Doctorate 2019
India Manav Rachna University Honorary Doctorate of Philosophy 2019
Argentina National University of Jujuy, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences Honorary Professor 2019
Brazil Federal Rural University of Pernambuco Honorary Doctorate 2019
Brazil Federal University of Sergipe Honorary Doctorate 2019
Brazil Federal University of Amazonas Honorary Doctorate 2019
Venezuela Central University of Venezuela Honorary Doctorate 2019
Argentina University of Este Honorary Doctorate 2018
China Huaiyin Normal University Honorary Professor 2018
China Beijing Film Academy Honorary Professor 2018
Taiwan Chung Hua University Honorary Professor 2018
Philippines Cagayan State University Honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters 2018
Brazil Federal University of Paraíba Honorary Doctorate 2018
Argentina National University of Tierra del Fuego Honorary Doctorate 2018
Brazil Integrated College of Jacarepaguá Honorary Professor 2018
Taiwan Chihlee University of Technology Honorary Professor 2018
Argentina University of Cuenca del Plata Honorary Doctorate 2018
Spain University of Alcalá Honorary Doctorate of Education 2017
China Hubei University Honorary Professor 2017
Paraguay Nihon Gakko University Honorary Doctorate of Education 2017
Brazil Valença College of Higher Education Honorary Doctorate 2017
Peru National University of San Marcos Honorary Doctorate 2017
China Hunan University of Technology Honorary Doctorate 2017
Brazil Federal University of Acre Honorary Doctorate 2017
USA DePaul University Honorary Doctorate 2016
Thailand Thammasat University Honorary Doctorate 2013
Malaysia University of Malaya Honorary Doctorate 2010
China Tsinghua University Honorary Professorship 2010
Canada Université Laval Honorary Doctorate 2010
Indonesia Universitas Indonesia Honorary Doctorate 2009
Jordan University of Jordan Honorary Doctorate 2004
Australia University of Sydney Honorary Doctorate 2000
Korea Jeju National University Honorary Doctorate 1999
India University of Delhi Honorary Doctorate 1998
Mongolia National University of Mongolia Honorary Doctorate 1997
Hong Kong, China University of Hong Kong Honorary Doctorate 1996
USA University of Denver Honorary Doctorate 1996
UK University of Glasgow Honorary Doctorate 1994
Italy University of Bologna Honorary Doctorate 1994
Brazil Federal University of Rio de Janeiro Honorary Doctorate 1993
Kenya University of Nairobi Honorary Doctorate 1992
Turkey Ankara University Honorary Doctorate 1992
Philippines University of the Philippines Honorary Doctorate 1991
Argentina University of Buenos Aires Honorary Doctorate 1990
China Peking University Honorary Professorship 1984
Peru National University of San Marcos Honorary Professorship 1981
Russia Moscow State University Honorary Doctorate 1975

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Other awards include:

  • UN Peace Award (1983)
  • UNHCR Humanitarian Award (1989)
  • Rosa Parks Humanitarian Award (1993)
  • Simon Wiesenthal Center International Tolerance Award (1993)
  • Tagore Peace Award (1997)
  • Rizal International Peace Award (1998)
  • PRIO Prize (International Peace Research Institute, Oslo) (2002)

Ikeda has also been decorated with national orders from 23 countries around the world.

Memberships include:

  • Honorary member of the Club of Rome
  • Honorary adviser of the World Federation of United Nations Associations
  • Honorary senator of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts
  • Advisory board member of the World Centers of Compassion for Children
  • Honorary life member of the Thoreau Society
  • Honorary member of the Russian Academy of Arts
  • Nonresident member of the Brazilian Academy of Letters

Honorary Citizenships:

As of August 2021, Ikeda has been awarded over 800 honorary citizenships.