29th October 2022
Dr. Ambedkar International Centre, New Delhi

The BSG Peace & Sustainability Conclave was held on 29th October 2022 at Dr. Ambedkar International Centre, New Delhi. This Conclave commemorated 75 years of India’s independence and 75 years of SGI President Daisaku Ikeda’s journey in Pursuit of Peace.

The Conclave was a huge success with nearly 10,000 Guests and BSG members attending the conclave both offline and online, including media. The audience included several eminent educators, government officials, artists etc.

The Conclave comprised of two sessions, with the first session focusing on Peace and the second session focusing on Sustainability. Two separate panel discussions were held across the two sessions. The Panel Discussion in Session 1 focused on SGI President Ikeda’s Peace Proposal (2022) to the UN titled Transforming Human History: the light of Peace and Dignity. The Panel Discussion in Session 2 revolved around two of SGI President Ikeda’s proposals to the UN on sustainable development, namely: The Challenge of Global Empowerment: Education for a Sustainable Future (July 2002) and For a Sustainable Global Society: Learning for Empowerment and Leadership (2012).

The Panelists for Session 1 were Ms. Prathibha Prahlad, Dr. Itirani Samanta, Ms. Mugdha Arora and Mr. Vinay Jain.

Mr. Amit Sachdeva (Philanthropist, Social Entrepreneur, Founder – Mahatma Awards, Founder & Chairperson: Liveweek Group) was the keynote speaker for Session 1, and he shared his insightful thoughts through a special video address. This Panel Discussion was moderated by Ms. Devika Punjabi, Dy. All India WD Chief.

The Panelists for Session 2 were Ms. Dia Mirza, Dr. Amit Bhalla, Ms. Sanyukta Gupta and Mr. Vikas Verma.

Ms. Dia Mirza was also the keynote speaker for Session 2 of the Conclave. This Panel Discussion was moderated by Ms. Shruti Nangia, All India YWD Chief.

Both sessions commenced with two powerful performances by the Arts Division of BSG. The first was a dance performance on the songs ‘Vande Mataram’ and ‘Eklo Cholo Re’, and the second was a song performance on the ‘Dawn of India’ poem written by SGI President Ikeda. These performances set the tone for a rejuvenating conclave and mesmerizing the non-member guests. A special film titled ’75 years in Pursuit of Peace’ depicting SGI President Ikeda’s journey was also displayed.

The Conclave also witnessed the launch of the ‘BSG for SDG’ App by Ms. Dia Mirza. Also on display was the Seeds of Hope & Action: Making the SDGs a Reality exhibition which was inaugurated by all the Panelists. The Student Division of BSG explained the exhibition panels with great enthusiasm and vigour. Guests & members alike also pledged to live peaceful & sustainable lives by writing their determinations on a special pledge wall.

Ms. Dia Mirza in her keynote address commended BSG to launch the BSG for SDG App. She said “The App can galvanize momentum, bring like-minded people together, and inspire many more people to join and become a part of ‘Sustainable Human Behaviour’.” She further shared that every aspect of the Conclave resonated with everything that she believes in.

Mr. Amit Sachdeva in his keynote address spoke about the importance of peace. He said “Internal peace brings external peace. Inner change brings the social change. To make peace with yourself and be the change you want to see, we must demand peace with all our heart.”

BSG Chairperson Mr. Vishesh Gupta underscored that peace and sustainability are two sides of the same coin. “On the 75th anniversary of India’s independence, it is essential that each one of us works collectively to build a peaceful and sustainable India.”