26th June 2024
BSG Headquarters, New Delhi

The 4th BSG Women’s Symposium was held on 26th June 2024 at the BSG Headquarters, New Delhi, with the theme “Breaking Barriers: Women Shaping a New Society for the Dignity of Life”. Nearly 6000 BSG members & guests attended the Symposium.

Ms. Rashi Ahuja, BSG Director, shared the Inaugural Address & spoke about the important role played by women in creating a peaceful society. She said: “Our gathering today celebrates the profound impact of women in transforming societal norms and structures to uphold human dignity. We, as women, have shattered countless glass ceilings, defied limitations, and carved our own paths.”

This was followed by a melodious rendition of the song “Morigasaki Beach” by the BSG Sunshine Chorus Group.

There were two testimonials of women breaking barriers in society.

Ms. Gauri Gupta, a BSG member, spoke about her single-minded efforts in changing the name of the brand “Fair & Lovely” to “Glow & Lovely”. Ms. Deepti Manchanda, a BSG member and Ms. Sunehra, a Pedal On representative, spoke about the partnership between BSG and Pedal On and how they are empowering underprivileged women.

The speakers at the symposium included Prof. Bijayalaxmi Nanda (Principal – Miranda House College, Delhi University); Dr. Rita Jairath (Director – Ritambe Nutrition Pvt Ltd, Chief Safeguarding & Child Safety Officer – AIFF, IFBB PRO Athlete & International Judge); Ms. Archana Dutta (Social Entrepreneur, Co-Founder & CEO – Pedal On and Second Act); and Ms. Namrta Bangia (Senior Director, Global Mass Transit, AV America and Southeast Asia Infrastructure). In their addresses, they touched upon how important it is for women to believe in themselves to build a new society for the dignity of life.

Prof. Bijalaxmi Nanda, as a Keynote Speaker, shared about the need to be more empathetic. She said: “I think empathy is the most important way in which we can break barriers, build a society where the dignity of life is upheld for everyone. Together, we can create a future where every woman has the opportunity to thrive and contribute to a better world.”

Dr. Rita Jairath spoke about the importance of taking small steps in the most adverse situations. She said: “When you are in a dire situation and you have nothing to contribute, you can still create a possibility by doing your best in that situation. If you can break something into micro nano steps and conquer them one by one, you can train your mind to do anything. We add to the collective consciousness by doing our best.”

Ms. Archana Dutta spoke about being true to oneself. She said: “I would say that breaking barriers has just become a norm, to blossom, shine, and lead a complete life. I urge everyone to first break their internal barriers.”

Ms. Namrta Bangia shared her experience of breaking barriers in the corporate sector. She said “What is in the psyche of successful women that allows them to overcome self-doubt? I believe it is their focus to build courage, not confidence. High achieving women take firm steps while moving forward even while suffering from self-doubt. It is easy to build courage through micro acts of courage, which will yield long term return.”

BSG Chairperson Mr. Vishesh Gupta delivered the closing address. He shared: “Women have really broken the barriers to create a new age where the dignity of all life is respected, and this is an unstoppable momentum. No one can stop the women of today.”

The Symposium was widely covered by media. A few clips and photographs are attached.