28th June 2023
Chinmaya Mission Auditorium, New Delhi

The 3rd BSG Women’s Symposium was held on 28th June 2023 at the Chinmaya Mission Auditorium, New Delhi. This Symposium was centred around the theme “Transforming Lives: Women as Catalysts for Social Change.”

The Symposium was a huge success with nearly 7000 Guests and BSG members attending both offline and online, including media. The audience included people from all walks of life including the Ambassador from Lithuania, Her Excellency Madame Diana Mickeviciene & Ms. Arti Pine, the wife of New Zealand High Commissioner to India. Also present at the audience were eminent educators, government officials, corporate officials, doctors and lawyers etc.

The Symposium commenced with a melodious performance of the song “Together with our friends” by the Sunshine Chorus Group of BSG. This was followed by a screening of a video titled ‘Women of Soka’, which showcased about how the women of Bharat Soka Gakkai are spearheading change & empowering others in their families, place of work and society.

Ms. Rashi Ahuja, BSG Women’s Division Chief shared the Inaugural Address. She spoke about the importance and role played by Women in creating a more peaceful society. She said “Women play an important role in fostering life, protecting their families, supporting society, and illuminating the world. When women shine their communities, society, and the future shines as well. Therefore, the way to peace lies in striving to realize a society where women can shine their brightest.”

There was a panel discussion focussed on the theme “Transforming Lives: Women as Catalysts for Social Change”. The Panellists were Dr. Pranjal Patil (District Magistrate, Shahdara, East Delhi), Ms. Radhika Bharat Ram (Founder, KARM Fellowship & Jt. Vice Chairperson, The Shri Ram Schools), Ms. Priyanka Bhatia (Co-founder, Women On Wealth) and Ms. Shreya Poonja (First runner-up, Femina Miss India 2023). This Panel Discussion was moderated by Ms. Surbhi Sharma, Dy. All India Young Women’s Division Chief.

Dr. Pranjal Patil was the Chief Guest for the Symposium. In her address, she spoke about the importance of support systems and informal friendships in her success. She said “When we think of women as catalysts for social change, we must strive for a vision which is not just centred on self-independence, but interdependence. We must try to build friendships. We must try to create future, which is not of individual liberation, but also collective emancipation.”

Ms. Radhika Bharat Ram was the Keynote Speaker for the Symposium. In her keynote address, she shared about her work with the KARM Foundation, and various examples of women who transformed their own lives through decisive action. She said “When we provide women with education, support, and agency, they become capable of making things happen for themselves. And this leads them to voice their opinions and be unapologetic about themselves and the choices in their life. Women then not only transform their own lives, but also continue to build stronger families, community and our nation.”

In the panel discussion, the panellists spoke about how women have unlimited potential and courage to create change by themselves, and create more leaders in the society. They took various examples from history and also shared instances from their own lives on how they were able to overcome numerous challenges. They also shared about how the warm & happy welcome by BSG members radiated love & positivity.

Also on display was the Seeds of Hope & Action: Making the SDGs a Reality exhibition which was inaugurated by all the Panellists. Members of BSG explained the exhibition panels with great enthusiasm and vigour. Guests & members alike also pledged to create a positive change by writing their determinations on the SDG pledge wall.

BSG Chairperson Mr. Vishesh Gupta delivered the Vote of Thanks. He said “It is women who are the catalyst for social change, and they are natural peacemakers playing a crucial role in shaping a better world for all their leadership. Their compassion and unyielding commitment has the power to break down barriers and create inclusive societies where every individual can flourish.”

The Symposium was widely covered by media. A glimpse can be seen here: