24th April 2024

The 3rd BSG Sustainability Conclave was held on 24th April 2024 at the Bal Gandharva Rang Mandir Auditorium, Mumbai. This Conclave was centred around the theme “From Ideas to Impact: Catalysing Change through Sustainable Human Behaviour”. This was the first such conclave held in Mumbai, after the previous two were held in New Delhi.

More than 500 Guests and BSG members attended the conclave, including media. The audience included people from all walks of life including eminent educators, government officials, corporate officials etc.

The Conclave commenced with a powerful dance performance by BSG members. This was followed by a screening of a special film titled ‘Towards 2030: Achieving the SDGs through Sustainable Human Behaviour’. This film showcased about how the various ‘BSG for SDG’ initiatives are contributing in a meaningful & transformative way towards creating a more sustainable and environment friendly India, and thereby a more sustainable and environment friendly world.

BSG Chairperson Mr. Vishesh Gupta shared the inaugural address. He spoke about the importance of sustainable human behaviour towards creating an impact in the world. He said “When we learn from each other and expand partnerships of mutual respect, we expand the inner richness of our heart. One person supporting another, inspiring another, that is how we transform the world. That’s how we move from ideas to impact. This is what we call as ‘sustainable human behaviour’ – a fundamental inner transformation in the depth of each person’s heart.”

Mr. Ramveer Tanwar (Pond Man of India & Founder – Say Earth NGO) was the keynote speaker for the conclave. He shared and spoke about how ponds can create a cooler earth, how cleaning one pond can contribute to each of the 17 SDGs, and his varied work towards restoring ponds in India. He said “I hope we all believe that we can do something. Anyone and everyone can work for the environment. What is important is that we persevere in our efforts amidst the various challenges in our journey.” He also praised the energy of BSG members and their efforts & commitment to sustainability, especially pointing out the ‘BSG 25-tonne Plastic Collection Drive” held in October 2023 in New Delhi as a concrete example.

There was also a panel discussion focussed on the theme “From Ideas to Impact: Catalysing Change through Sustainable Human Behaviour”. The Panellists were Ms. Radha Goenka (Director – RPG Foundation; Founder – Pehlay Akshar, The Heritage Project, Artisan:re and Nature:re); Ms. Sandhya Naidu Janardhan, (Founder & Managing Director-Community Design Agency); Mr. Bhupendra Mishra (Founder – The Resilient Foundation; Divisional Warden, Civil Defence, Government of Maharashtra); and Dr. Pranab J Patar (Sr Environment & Sustainability Expert). This Panel Discussion was moderated by Mr. Roshmin Mehandru, Dy. All India YMD Chief.

Each of the panellists spoke about the importance of taking any action, small or big, at the individual level.

Mr. Bhupendra Mishra said: “Whatever your idea is, put it on paper and just get on to implementing it.”

Ms. Sandhya Naidu Janardhan said: “Individual action is very very critical because only through individual action can you collectivize. If each one of us takes responsibility, then we can come together in a much more powerful manner.”

Ms. Radha Goenka said: “I think every small step matters.”

Dr. Pranab J Patar said: “It’s time that we emphasize to translate awareness into action. An easy formula for this is- ABC Action Brings Change.”

Also on display was the Seeds of Hope & Action: Making the SDGs a Reality exhibition which was inaugurated by all the Panellists. Members of BSG explained the exhibition panels with great enthusiasm and vigour. Guests & members alike also pledged to live peaceful & sustainable lives.

The response to the conclave was overwhelmingly positive. Here are some of the feedback received:

“Eye opener, hope giving and inspiring experience. Let’s make a fresh determination for sustainable tomorrow.”

“It was so inspiring to listen to all the esteemed speakers who were mostly from very simple backgrouand. And the impact of their work will celebrate for years to come. I and my husband are ardent nature lovers and want to save the 25 endangered waterbodies in Navi Mumbai. Going back home well charged.”

“It was an excellent opportunity to know about people from different walks of life doing their bit. It was very well organised, informative, and presented.”

The Conclave was also covered by media. Some clips can be seen here: