Source: In pursuit of peace (A profile of Daisaku Ikeda) , p.102

Daisaku Ikeda is an avid amateur photographer with a particular love of scenic landscapes and natural beauty. A series of his photographs has toured more than 100 cities in over 38 countries and territories in an exhibition titled “Dialogue with Nature”.

“I am not and never have been a professional photographer and, due to my busy schedule, I end up taking many of my photos while traveling from one appointment to another; sometimes I stop the car for just enough time to take a photo. I would be very happy if I am able to share, to some small extent, my joy at communing with nature, the ‘mirror of the heart’. In this hectic age, it is important for us to stop from time to time, take a deep breath, and look closely at ourselves and the world around us.”

Daisaku Ikeda

Photographs clicked by Ikeda during his visits to India:

To view more photographs clicked by Ikeda, please visit the Daisaku Ikeda official website – Dialogue with Nature