Peace Proposals

peace-proposalAt the heart of Buddhism lies the ideal of the sanctity of life and the empowerment of the individual. War, environmental degradation, poverty and nuclear armament strip away the rights and dignity of the individual. Since 1983, SGI President Dr Daisaku Ikeda has written Peace Proposals to the United Nations, suggesting concrete and practical steps to tackle these global problems.

The proposals seek to bring the values of Buddhist humanism closer to ordinary people, world thinkers and international peace building organizations such as the UN. Dr Ikeda says, “Given that the UN is an intergovernmental organization whose constituent members are sovereign states, innovative reform ideas and efforts will inevitably face the impediments of conflicting national interests. This is the disempowering reality that has confronted the UN for many years.”

However, ordinary people have strong expectations of the UN, as Dr Ikeda understood in his travels around the world. “My efforts to engage in dialogue with political, intellectual and cultural leaders throughout the world stem from this desire to expand the network of like-minded people thinking beyond national, ethnic and religious differences, committed to supporting the UN.”

A unique feature of the Peace Proposals is that they emphasize the importance and role of individual action in resolving global issues. The issue becomes so close to home, that each individual can associate with the Peace Proposal and the concrete steps suggested by Dr Ikeda. “I have set out ideas on ways to reinforce and revitalize the UN, stressing the importance of encouraging grassroots support,” says Dr Ikeda.

Peace Proposals

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