International Awards

Awarded 351 Academic Honours from Numerous Academic Institutions

As of July 2014, SGI President Ikeda has been awarded a total of 351 academic honours, mainly honorary doctorates and honorary professorships, from academic institutions in some 50 countries and territories for his efforts to promote peace, educational and cultural exchange. In addition he has received several honorary citizenships and peace awards from different countries and organisations.

Selection of academic honours received:

  • Jordan: University of Jordan (Honorary Doctorate, 2004)
  • Russia: Moscow State University (Hon. Doctorate 1975, Hon. Prof. 2002)
  • Malaysia: Putra University, Malaysia (Honorary Doctorate, 2000)
  • Australia: University of Sydney (Honorary Doctorate, 2000)
  • India: University of Delhi (Honorary Doctorate, 1998)
  • U.S.A.: University of Denver (Honorary Doctorate, 1996)
  • Ghana: University of Ghana (Honorary Doctorate, 1996)
  • Italy: University of Bologna (Honorary Doctorate, 1994)
  • U.K.: University of Glasgow (Honorary Doctorate, 1994)
  • Brazil: Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (Honorary Doctorate 1993)
  • Turkey: Ankara University (Honorary Doctorate, 1992)
  • Philippines: University of the Philippines (Honorary Doctorate, 1991)
  • China: Peking University (Honorary Professorship, 1984)
Reasons cited for conferring honours:

The awarding institutions recognize him as engaging in a wide range of activities for the sake of peace, and as a multi-faceted individual committed to putting his ideas and values into action.

Other awards include:

  • UN Peace Award (1983)
  • UNHCR Humanitarian Award (1989)
  • Rosa Parks Humanitarian Award (1993)
  • Simon Wiesenthal Center International Tolerance Award (1993)
  • Tagore Peace Award (1997), Rizal International Peace Award (1998)
  • PRIO Prize (International Peace Research Institute, Oslo) (2002)

Ikeda has also been decorated with national orders from 23 countries around the world.

Memberships include:

  • Ikeda is an honorary member of the Club of Rome
  • An honorary adviser of the World Federation of United Nations Associations
  • An honorary senator of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts
  • An advisory board member of the World Centers of Compassion for Children
  • Honorary life member of the Thoreau Society
  • Honorary member of the Russian Academy of Arts and a nonresident member of the Brazilian Academy of Letters
Honorary Citizenships:

As of June 2014, Ikeda has been awarded a total of 760 honorary citizenships from 33 countries and territories.

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