Youth Webinar Feedback Report

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divya bajaj
It was a wonderful learning experience.I feel very hopeful and energetic .
ramakrishna chinthapalli
new delhi
Excellent 👌
ramakrishna chinthapalli
new delhi
Excellent 👌
Maneesh Makheeja, Mamta Thakur, Shilpa Thakur
We attended the webinar together as a family and felt truly inspired and motivated by the vibrant energy of youth, the tremendous potential they have, and the amazing efforts they are already making to transform the world, thus leading by example. For us, the webinar was a clarion call to rise to action and truly ask what difference are we making to this world? Are we truly following the lead of our mentor, completely believing in our own potential and dreams? If not now, when shall we cast off the expedient and reveal the true, just like these amazing young panelists? We are determined, more than ever, to realize our fullest potential as Bodhisattvas of the Earth and respond to our mentor! Thank you BSG for organizing this webinar and giving us an opportunity to be a witness!
Manisha Agrawal
I enjoyed and realised that how working at grassroot level in ones community also one can achieve and bring about the change.
arupparna sengupta
new delhi
Very inspiring, empowering and encouraging stories of victory of the youth delegates . Thank you so much to the organising committee for bringing such powerful stories of compassion and victories of the youth to the forefront
sharmila bose
Very inspirational to see all the good work the youth are doing and how passionate they are about making a difference! Lots to take away and introspect on how to bring change through the choices we make. My deepest thanks to the youth of BSG for the putting together this wonderful webinar!
Vijay Konwar
new delhi
What an enriching, inspiring and empowering webinar! All charged up to take action in my own local sphere of daily life with the conviction that it will make a difference to the world. The young change makers have driven home to me why Sensei says he is not pessimistic about the future because he believes in the potential of youth. Thanks for this memorable experience
parth singhal
it was amazing and I learnt that you can always achieve your dreams :3
seema yadav
Very encouraging and perfectly explains every bit of their works which is unique and best of its kind l also feel youthful spirit in myself to persue my own dreams .
arindam perai
Most insightful, filled with learning and action points. All the panelists were extremely encouraging in their given field. My take away, a) Small action at immediate environment will lead to achieve the global change and b) Dare to go, thik and act beyond one's limitation.
kavya sachdeva
new delhi
oh my god!!!! such an inspiring meeting... highly motivated... thank you so very much each and everyone for your great great efforts 👏👏👏
Varun Vivek
The webinar was extremely enlightening.
kavita sood
Very encouraging and inspiring webinar.... Wonderful to be a part of it. 🙏❤👍
sumanlata singh
Superb discussion, if this present time people focus intensely then really we will create the world the better place to live in. Fortunate enough to be part of this webinar. Feel of being in Sensei's world of peace, culture and education . Thanks a lot.
manisha agrawal
I enjoyed and realised that yes one can do a lot at their own individual level and bring out the change. Thank you.
tuhina goswami
new delhi
One of the most motivating and practical webinars...really reinforcing great faith in the youth and better future for the planet! Being a home maker I now want to step up my contribution to a better world! Thanks to each panelist and our wonderful Spirit of the Soka Gakkai!!!!!!
lata ramaswamy
The clear thought process of our youth working in different areas as professionals proves that future of the world is in safe hands. They just need our encouragement and support. I pray for them to have faith in their endeavours.
aditi choudhary
It will help the youth to pursue their dreams inspite of the many obstacles in the society.
shibani chaudhury
The youth panelists are truly leaders that humanity needs! All of them definitely "integrate head, heart & hand" and bring hope towards 2030. Thank you for a great discussion and superb speakers - it was a manifestation of "Youth and Dynamic Progress" the Soka Gakkai theme for 2022. Thank you and all the best!
laveena chouhan
It was fantastic and making us belief that individual has significance. We have make ourselves liberal and open for an opportunity and challenges, because we can overcome.
arvind kumar shukla
Amazing webinar pulsating with the power of Youth, in perfect accord with the conviction that "Victory is Certain" with the Youth in the vanguard for transforming the society to usher in a golden age!
ria mehta
Thank you so much for organizing this amazing webinar..very enlightening and a great learning experience, its a great privilege to be a part of it... first time ever i felt so engrossed in a webinar because what speakers were sharing was so relatable ..thoroughly enjoyed and keep organizing these youth webinars once every month...
Devendra kalra
North West Delhi
Youth always ways of doing..... anything
arijit bhattacharya
Very encouraging, with real life experiences
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